PHYSTAT-LHC Workshop on
Statistical Issues for LHC Physics

CERN, Geneva June 27-29, 2007

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This Workshop will address statistical topics relevant for LHC Physics analyses. Issues related to discovery, and the associated problems arising from systematic uncertainties, will feature prominently.

International Committee:
  • Jouri Belikov
  • Bob Cousins
  • Luc Demortier
  • Albert De Roeck
  • David Cox
  • Kyle Cranmer
  • Ulrik Egede
  • Ian Hinchliffe
  • Fred James
  • Patrick Janot
  • Jim Linnemann
  • Louis Lyons
  • Harrison Prosper
  • Nancy Reid
Local Committee
  • Dorothee Denise (Conference Secretary)
  • Kate Ross (Conference Secretary)
  • Albert De Roeck
  • Louis Lyons
  • Yves Perrin
  • Dorothee Denise ( Conference Secretary
  • Kate Ross ( Conference Secretary
  • Louis Lyons (
  • Albert De Roeck (